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High School Completion


Diploma Requirements

Course Requirements
All courses require a minimum 1.0 (D) grade to earn high school graduation credit.
School Credits
HCC Credits
Communications/English 4 20
Mathematics  (1 year Algebra I, 1 year Geometry, 1 year Algebra II/math elective) 3 15
Career & Technical Education 1 5
PNW/Washington State History or Social Science elective .5 2.5
Contemporary World Problems 1 5
US History & Government 1 5
Civics .5 2.5
Fine Arts (*1 high school credit may be a Personalized Pathway Requirement) 2 10
Science (minimum 2 year lab science) 3 15
Health  .5 2.5
Physical Fitness 1.5 7.5
World Languages  (*Both high school credits may be a Personalized Pathway Requirement) 2 10
Electives 4 20
Future Plan 0 0
Total 24 120

5 college credits equal 1 high school credit.

*Personaized Pathway Requirement are related courses that lead to a specific post high school diploma career or educational outcome chosen by the student based on the student's interests and future plan.

Exit Requirements

You must complete 15 college credits at Highline, even if you have met the 20 high school credit graduation requirements.  All courses require a minimum of 1.0 (D) grade or higher to earn high school graduation credit. In addition, your Highline cumulative grade point average needs to be at least 2.0 to earn your high school diploma.